Wine Storage by Conal

Hey Appliance Fans,

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream….wine!  That’s right folks, throw away that boxed wine and step up to some bottles.  And what better way to store bottles than with a wine storage unit!?!

Liebherr Tall Wine Unit

A storage unit that makes vineyards weep.

Here at Kieffer’s, we cater to the wine enthusiast.  And, like dishwashers, the options that the consumer has are nearly limitless.  How about some under-the-counter wine storage?  Maybe some storage columns?  Interested in storing wine and other drinks in one unit?  Check out our “beverage centers”.  My point is, there’s a perfect wine storage unit to fit your lifestyle.

I like wine, but I don’t like like wine:

Perhaps the model that holds 150 bottles is a bit much for what you need.  And the 45 bottle unit is too big as well.  This is where Liebherr’s HWS 1800 is perfect.  It holds 18 bottles and can be integrated into your cabinets just like an in-wall coffee system or steam oven.

Liebherr Wine Storage

24″ wide for easy integration into your cabinetry. Model: HWS 1800

Featuring one temperature zone, the HWS 1800 is perfect to hold you whites or reds because  the temperature can be adjusted from 41 to 68 degrees.  Wood grid shelves ensure that your wine will remain stable and not be corrupted by any vibration from the compressor.  The door comes right hinged, but is interchangeable to accommodate any scenario.  It even has a charcoal air filter so fresh, clean air is circulated within the unit.

I could write a novel about the myriad of wine storage options, but it might be easier to stop in our showroom and have one of our salespeople show you all the ins and outs.  See you next week for another exciting blog post by yours truly!

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-The Kieffer’s Guy