Wine About It by Charlie S.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for….wine!  It’s that perfect time of year when the nights are warm but not hot yet, and how great does sitting outside with a glass of crisp Pinot or an oaky Cab sound right about now?

Here at Kieffer’s, we cater to the wine enthusiast.  And, like dishwashers, the options that the consumer has are nearly limitless.  How about some under-the-counter wine storage?  Maybe some storage columns?  Interested in storing wine and other drinks in one unit?  I know we can help you find the perfect wine storage unit to fit your lifestyle.

I want to talk briefly about one affordable and exciting option.  The Liebherr HWS 1800 holds 18 bottles and can be integrated into your cabinets just like an in-wall coffee system or steam oven.

Drawers HWS1800

Featuring one temperature zone, the HWS 1800 is perfect to hold either whites or reds, because the temperature can be adjusted from 41 to 68 degrees.  Wood grid shelves ensure that your wine will remain stable and not be corrupted by any vibration from the compressor.  The door comes right hinged, but is interchangeable to accommodate any scenario.  It even has a charcoal air filter so fresh, clean air is circulated within the unit.

This is just one of our many wine storage options, and I invite you to stop in our showroom and have one of our salespeople show you all the ins and outs.  Ask for me, Charlie!  I look forward to showing you around.