Viking vs. Blomberg Dishwashers (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

Have you ever purchased a product to find out, you could have bought the same exact product under a different name for much cheaper? 

In our industry, there are a few OEMs (short for original equipment manufacturer) yet tons of labels. Typically, the price difference between the OEM and the name brand is significant.

In this case, we will be comparing a brand you have never heard of, Blomberg, versus one of the industry’s most aspirational brands, Viking.

The result could save you a small fortune.

Who is Blomberg?

Blomberg is a division of Turkish giant Accelik. They have focused on OEM-ing products for other companies. If you have a Gaggenau, Bosch, Miele, or Thermador column, it was made in a Blomberg factory.

They are the second biggest manufacturer in Europe.

Blomberg DWT25502 – $529


Viking RWD103WSS – $1,099

Viking RWD103WSS Dishwasher.jpg


Viking vs. Blomberg Dishwashers

You would think the $1,099 dishwasher would be better than the $529. It is usually the way the world works. However, the sound decibel rating is the same at 48 DB, so the insulation is identical. The racks and cycles are identical as well.

So what is the difference?

The logo is the difference. One says Viking, and the other says, Blomberg. Blomberg is the manufacturer of the Viking dishwasher.

Should you buy this Dishwasher?

At $529, it is a very good consideration with decent quietness and racks with an all stainless tub. At $1,099, you can buy a better Miele or upper tier Bosch.

Unless you think a logo is worth $579, buy the Blomberg.