The Most Important Appliance Delivery Checklist (Reviews)

So you are buying a whole kitchen of appliances: 48-inch pro range, dishwasher, hood, blower, refrigerator, wine cooler, washer, dryer, wall oven, sink, cooktop, bar sink, faucet, soap dispenser, etc. So you uncrate them (always in presence of delivery person, so damage can be noted).

They look fine. The range waits in your kitchen (on masonite hopefully because the heavy range will indent your floors if not supported).

So they install your range, and it fries your electrical system. Why?

You bought a Thermador PRG486JDG. The appliance company delivered a PRD486JDG. Look at the two ranges.


They look identical, but one is dual fuel and requires 50 amps. The other is all gas and requires only 20. This will present a huge problem at install.

Would you have caught that mistake? If you say yes, then this actually happened to an online appliance store a few years ago. Because it was installed, they did not allow it to be returned.

So make sure you check every little detail before signing off on your delivery. Once you sign, you lose your right to contest almost everything from damage to the wrong product.

Appliance Delivery

There are all kinds of appliance deliveries. However, it is the second most source of complaints in our industry only after service.

Most all of them are disappointing and somewhat deceptive. They focus on “free” instead of a good experience.

You probably do not know all the very little nefarious ways appliance delivery can work. So we sat down and generated a checklist to help you.

We cover everything from delivery scheduling, haul away, call ahead and how to tell if your delivery person is a criminal.

You will be able to easily navigate your way through all the tricks and avoid the many very real nightmares described above.

Download our Appliance Delivery Checklist here. You will have a different perspective after reading it.

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