The Laundry List by Ryan H.

Ah America…. Land of the free, home of the brave… and commercialized haven where consumers have endless choices for every possible type of purchase, even ones so mundane as the machines that clean our dirty clothing and unmentionables.  I can smell hot dogs cooking and hear fireworks going off just thinking about it.  Merika!

From Miele to Samsung, GE to Maytag, Fisher Paykel to Electrolux, and Bosh to LG (just to name a few); we have so many choices when it comes to laundry systems, you may wonder where to even begin.  Don’t get agitated (see what I did there?  A little washing machine humor for ya); just come to Kieffer’s and let me do the boring work of pinpointing the best laundry system for you.  In the meantime, here are just a couple of important things to think about.

Efficiency is the name of the laundry game.

Doing laundry ranks up there as one of most boring chores in the house.  So you want to do it fast and not have to think much about it, right?  Bingo.  Two aspects come into play in the efficiency game: water usage and power usage.

I’m sure you already know that there are two kinds of designs for washing machines: top load and front load.  Across the board, front load washing machines are usually more water efficient.  For example, some top loaders can use as much as 45 gallons in one wash cycle.  The newer, front load units can use as little as 12-14 gallons.  You don’t need to be a mathematician to see how drastic of a difference that is.

In addition, front load washers can spin at a higher RPM– meaning that more water can be removed from the clothes before putting them in the dryer.  This translates into a much shorter drying time and less energy usage, and a much shorter window of time you are stuck moving piles of clothing from your washer to your dryer to your bedroom clothes floor mountain (just me?  You actually fold and put away?  Lies.)

Pricing Laundry Systems

Washers and dryers are priced very similarly to dishwashers in that the number of cycle options, efficiency of the model, and other features determine the price of a unit.

Basically, the lower the cost, the less features.  That doesn’t always mean that a lower priced unit is inferior to a higher priced unit.  It just means that there are less features and options.  For instance, the Bosch Vision 500 Series washer has AquaStop leak protection ensuring that your washer won’t leak if there’s a problem.  Most manufacturers will have a similar feature in some of their units, but typically more price conscious models would omit this option.

Here at Kieffer’s, our sales staff is happy to answer any laundry questions you might have.  Stop in today to see our huge assortment of laundry systems and meet me!  I know that’s the real reason you are coming in.