The Kieffer’s Appliances Virtual Tour! by Conal

Hey Appliance Fans,

Just a quick post today to brag about how awesomely technological we’re getting.  I’m pleased to announce that you can check out our showroom right from your own home during commercial breaks of Breaking Bad, The Big Bang Theory, re-runs of The Love Boat, or any other TV show you’re addicted to.

The big bad boys at Google came into our showroom and did their creepy Google magic and now you’re able to sit on your bum and see all of the brands (over 60) of appliances we have on display.  Check out ranges, wall ovens, refrigerators, and a partridge in a pear tree all from the comfort of your home.

What’s the downside you ask?  Well, the downside is I don’t get to meet you in person.  Hopefully after you take the Kieffer’s Appliances Virtual Tour, you’ll be compelled to come visit me and the rest of the sales staff in person.  I’ll even make you a cup of coffee from our Miele Coffee System.

This guy is way too happy BEFORE his first cup of coffee.

This guy is way too happy BEFORE his first cup of coffee.

Check out the tour below, but you can always click the “Showroom Tour” link from the main menu.


Until next time, America!

-The Kieffer’s Guy