The Architectural Digest Show: Part 1 by Conal

Hey Appliance Fans,

Oh boy oh boy do I have a fun post today.  A couple of weeks ago, Kieffer’s Appliances treated a bunch of designers and builders that we work with to the Architectural Digest show in New York City.  This show is simply enormous.  It seems like everyone is in attendance from cabinet makers and window companies to furniture makers and, of course, appliance manufacturers.  More on the appliances in a second, but what blew me away the most was the amount of artists and art dealers at the show.  Sculptures of all kinds, paintings, photographs, metal works; it was all there and it was SUPER impressive.  If you ever have the chance to go, I highly recommend attending.  The art displays alone make it worthwhile.

Speaking of Art on display at the show, check out these fully functional Flower Urinals by Clark Sorensen.  That’s right, flower urinals: insert most any bathroom joke you can think of here.  Clark equals a really cool dude and this picture simply doesn’t do his work  justice.  If someone wants to buy one of these for me, I won’t complain.  If you just want to know more about Clark and his “flowers” check out his website here.

I want one!!!!!

I want one!!!!!

Now onto the show…

As I mentioned above, there are a boat load of appliance manufacturers in attendance.  Let me list them: Sub-Zero & Wolf, Viking, La Cornue, RangeCraft, Miele, Dacor, Perlick, Ilve, Bosch, Thermador, Gaggenau, BlueStar, Best, Bertazzoni, Liebherr, Verona, Aga-Marvel, and many more.  These manufacturers go all out on their displays plus it gives them the opportunity to display brand new products.  Like…


New all-white appliances.  Check it out:

Full Frontal White

Full Frontal White

My “artsy” side angle shot.

I wouldn't trust anyone who has this organized of a refrigerator.

I wouldn’t trust anyone who has this organized of a refrigerator.

The product line includes white options for their 36” Built-In Refrigerator, Steam Oven, Speed Oven, 30” Wall Oven, and their in-the-wall coffee system.  These appliances offer the same functionality and quality that we’ve come to expect from Miele, but now the stainless haters of the world have an option from Miele.  As always, Miele products exude a modern, more European style than the industrial kitchen bulky look of say a Viking or Wolf range.

On deck for Miele is a brand new type of steam oven.  It’ll be available in their clean touch steel finish and that’s all I can say right now.  I’m afraid the Miele police will get me if I expand on it anymore.

La Cornue

You might have read my article about La Cornue.  If not, you’re missing out.  In my opinion, I wrote some really funny jokes.  Anyhoo, I finally got to see the Flamberge Rotisserie in person.  By the way it’s one of my favorite appliances on the planet:

Open flames against rotating meat.  You had me at open flames against rotating meat.

Open flames against rotating meat. You had me at open flames against rotating meat.

There were also a ton of La Cornues on display.  La Cornue Ranges are just like Catherine Zeta-Jones.  I never get tired of looking them.  Ok, ok, before you end up calling me a chauvinist, CHILL out.  I’m just having a little fun.  Catherine, if you’re out there reading this and are offended, please call me to discuss.

...And the Kieffer Guy's head is going explode.

…And the Kieffer Guy’s head is going explode.

One of the many Chateaus on display.

One of the many La Cornues on display.

Probably the coolest thing on display at La Cornue’s booth was their Induction Table.  If you don’t know what induction is, read this. I thought that the table was still in production and not available for sale, but I was wrong and I’m happy to be wrong about this:

The day I was at the show, the Chef from La Cornue was cooking on the table.

The day I was at the show, the Chef from La Cornue was cooking on the table.

You heard me right.  That table is an induction cooktop.  Not the entire surface; there are still dedicated burner zones for your cookware.  If you want zone-less, check out Thermador’s Freedom Induction Cooktop.  When you put something like the Induction Table in your kitchen, it’s very much like hanging a painting in your hallway or living room.  In other words, you’re buying a piece of art.  In this case, La Cornue’s induction table is an example of functional art.

Side shot of the Induction Table.

Side shot of the Induction Table.


I’ll continue with more next week, but I wanted to close with this hood (can I even call it a hood??) from Best.  The appropriately named “Lipstick” is part of their Sorpresa Collection which has some really funky ventilation options.  If you’re truly looking to make a statement in your kitchen, the Sorpresa Collection is certainly something you want to check out.

A little bit of rouge goes a long way.

A little bit of rouge goes a long way.

I figure it goes without saying that we carry all of the products shown in the pictures, well, except Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Anyway, if you have any questions about the appliances mentioned or just a random appliance question, shoot me an email at [email protected]   Until next time, America!

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