The AGA Total Control Range by Conal

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Let me tell you about a range company that is synonymous with England, but originally began in Sweden.  I’m talking about AGA which stands for “Awesomely Gorgeous and Awesome”.  OK, it doesn’t stand for that.  It stands for Aktiebolaget Gas Accumulator and I don’t speak Swedish so don’t ask me.  Today, they’re known as the Aga Rangemaster Group.

The AGA cooker was their first product developed in 1922.  The cooker was invented by Gustaf Dalén who, incidentally, won the 1912 Nobel Prize for Physics.  Not for the AGA range, but for the development of the Agamassan.  This little device was used to safely transport acetylene which, apparently, is a highly volatile compound; so volatile that my boy Gus was blinded during the development of the Agamassan.  So the age old question of what does a blind, Nobel Prize winning physicist do with his free time has been answered: they build an awesome range.

Side note: PLEASE click on the Gustaf Dalén link above as it highlights his killer mustache.  Enough of the past, let’s talk about the current state of AGA and find out all about their Total Control Range.



AGA’s Total Control Range is a fully electric unit, unlike other AGA Cookers that are powered by gas.  A little trivia, some of the older AGA ranges run on peat…yum.  There are three separate ovens within the Total Control Range that are each specifically designed for baking, slow cooking, or roasting.  The fourth area (top left corner) that looks like an oven is actually a control board for operating the range.  The cooktop of the Total Control features two hot pads: one for simmering and one for boiling and it’s perfectly fine to put food directly on the simmer plate, although pots and pans work too.  We did it here in the showroom and made pancakes and eggs:

They looked great, but I didn't have any.  Carbs go right to my thighs.

They looked great, but I didn’t have any. Carbs go right to my thighs.

They turned out Eggcellent.  Sorry about that joke.  I'll show myself out.

They turned out Eggcellent. Sorry about that joke. I’ll show myself out.

AGA’s Total Control Range comes in two sizes:  the three oven model that we have on display (39 inches wide) and a five oven model (58 ¼ inches wide) that features a warming plate in addition to the simmer and boiling plates.  Total Control Ranges also come in 12 different colors with my favorite being “British Racing Green”.  Did I mention it comes with a remote control in case you don’t want to leave the couch while watching re-runs of Monty Python?  It does.

Good counting, I couldn't find a pic of the Claret range (red).

Good counting.  I couldn’t find a pic of the Claret range (red)

The remote control is “Absolutely Fabulous,” dahhhling.

There is TONS more to talk about with AGA, but for the real skinny, head on down to our Lansdale Showroom to see this range in person and talk to one of our knowledgeable sales staff.  If you don’t want someone knowledgeable, ask for me.  Until next time, America!

-The Kieffer’s Guy

Our Total Control Range in Cream.

Our Total Control Range in Cream.