Outdoor Kitchens, Part II by Conal

Hey Appliance Fans,

So we’re a little over a week into the baseball season, and my Phillies are kicking butt.  For most of my life, the Phils have been the bottom feeders of baseball, so it’s VERY nice to see them dominating the competition.  In my last post, I discussed the basics of an outdoor kitchen (grill, refrigeration, and storage).  This week, I want to dive into some of the super cool accessories that you can add to an outdoor kitchen to take it to the next level.  By no means am I going to be able to cover them all (that’s why we have sales people in the store to help you), but I will highlight some of the coolest options out there.

Probably the most depressing aspect of having an outdoor kitchen is when the summer season comes to an end and temperatures start to drop.  That’s why getting one (or two or three) of these outdoor heaters will extend the amount time you can enjoy your new outdoor masterpiece.  I’m sure you’ve seen these at restaurants before.  Why not get one for your house?  DO IT.

Probably not the best idea to invite him to your party.

Grilling and adult beverages go hand in hand and who the heck wants to have to walk back into the house to grab a beer?  Although there might be a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen, why waste that space with bottles of beer when a whole keg will do!?!?  I’m not trying to get sexist here, but in my opinion this is clearly a boy’s toy.  Go ahead, show this to your husband or boyfriend and watch his eyes light up.  It works every time.

Ok, so maybe the last statement about the beverage dispenser was a bit sexist, so let me equal the playing field.  I’ve seen a couple episodes of “Sex and the City” and I know that all of the women on the show LOVE their Cosmopolitans (click the link for a recipe).  So if the men can have their beer, then the woman can have their cosmos with a built-in cocktail station or a free-standing cart model.

Cosmos, Rum & Coke, Mojitos, and more!

One of our salesmen, Ryan,  just moved into a new home (actually he calls it a farm).  I haven’t been there yet, but apparently his neighbor has horses so that makes his home more of a farm than my apartment.  Anyway, last weekend he made some smoked brisket and he hit a HOME RUN with it.  It was absolutely off-the-charts.  Aside from the beer dispenser, the next coolest accessory has got to be the built-in smoker by Viking.  I really can’t think of anything that doesn’t taste good smoked (can you?).  Not only can you smoke meats in this unit, it also has a setting for “cold smoking” which is perfect for smoking cheeses.  Smoked gouda anyone?  YUM.

This still isn’t enough accessories for you?  How about an ice maker, wall ovens, warming drawers, trash receptacles, wok burners, or some regular gas burners?  I’m sure you can already see how many options one has besides just a grill.  So before you go out and get some dinky grill, think about how your backyard can become a backyard oasis by building an outdoor kitchen.

As mentioned in my last post about outdoor kitchens, here are some companies to consider (and yes, we carry all of them):

  • Viking
  • Weber
  • Sub-Zero and Wolf
  • Lynx
  • Capital
  • Dacor

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