One of the Worst Appliance Problems You Never Considered

Every year, we have a company meeting and, for every year, I post this slide. I do not need to explain it anymore. In fact, the company’s whole incentive is tied to never having this problem in your home.


No aqua men. Meaning no water damage.

As bad as appliance service, delivery, and customer service can be it is aggravating at best. Water damage can ruin your home even worse than fire.

Now you are probably thinking why am I am writing an appliance blog about water damage. Every day, we are delivering, installing, or repairing ice makers, refrigerators, and washers. Extrapolate that to the country and millions of these units are installed yearly.

Look at the people truly upset in reviews and their experience with badly installed appliances.

You think you would spot the problem at the outset, but many can be slow leaks over time. For instance, water goes down over time, seeps into cracks and slowly creates havoc.

If it is a faster leak and you happen to go on vacation you will have a huge problem when you return. The problem is bigger in Boston because it is an older city with brittle and ancient piping.

There is a simple solution rather than being paranoid (and you should be to some extent). We install paper in front of every water based appliance like this:


So, if you see any moisture on the paper, you will know immediately and we can rectify the issue quickly without detriment to your home.

Now, some of you reading this may not be from the Boston area, and we do not ship out of our market. My tip for you after any delivery is to place some thicker paper in front of your dishwasher, washer or refrigerator and look for moisture.

After 48 hours, you should have dry paper. This is a very simple solution and will save you plenty of aggravation later.

Now before you schedule your delivery, we prepared a checklist of delivery issues and solutions. You should download it to prevent all kinds of misunderstandings later.