My Trip To Miele by Conal

Hey Appliance Fans,

You know what Movember is, right? It’s that time of year (the month of November) when real men like me grow out their facial hair to raise awareness for men’s health issues. Don’t be surprised if you come into our showroom and see some wonderful moustaches, beards, and maybe even a Fu Manchu on some of our salesmen. Not only is November “Movember”, it’s also Mielevember. What’s Mielevember, Kieffer’s Guy? Good question. Mielevember is the month that I celebrate all things Miele, and I’d like to start by showing you some images from my visit to Miele’s North American headquarters. By the way, if you’re wondering how to pronounce Miele, my favorite way to remember is that it rhymes with tequila (MEE-luh).

Unlike my visits to Viking’s HQ or Vent-a-Hood’s HQ, traveling to Miele isn’t a long trip. Located in Princeton, it’s just under a 90 minute drive to get my Pennsylvanian butt over to Jersey (or is it pronounced Joyzey?). For anyone seriously considering Miele appliances, it’s a great place to visit. Not only is the staff super knowledgeable, they are extremely friendly and helpful.

Miele Showroom Princeton, New Jersey

The entrance to Miele’s HQ. I think my one leg is shorter than the other. Sorry for the less-than-level picture.

Miele Cooktop Display

ooooooo cooktops and hoods.

Miele cooktops and hoods

Even more cooktops and hoods!

MIele Wall Ovens

All of the Miele Wall Ovens. ALL OF THEM!

Practically every Miele appliance is on display. From cooktops to wall ovens and coffee systems to refrigerators, anyone visiting Miele’s HQ can quickly get a sense of what it would be like to furnish their kitchen with Miele products.

If you’d like to schedule a visit at their showroom, give them a call at (800) 843-7231 ext. 1002 and tell them the Kieffer’s Guy sent you.

The next installment of Mielevember will talk about a very special event at Miele’s HQ that you can take advantage of, and bakers, you don’t want to miss this news.  Until next time, America!