La Cornue – The Most Interesting Range In The World by Conal

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La Cornue Chateau

Ignore the award and check out that La Cornue Chateau!!

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You’ve heard of Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen.  Comet and Cupid and Donner…


I mean, you’ve heard of Wolf and Viking and Miele and Thermador, but have you heard of La Cornue?   Most likely not, because La Cornue is like the Bugatti Veyron of cooking.  I’m not lying.  La Cornue is pretty intense and exclusive.  They do things their way and their way only which means you get uncompromising performance and style.  So in true Kieffer’s Guy fashion I’ll somehow weave pop culture with appliances so I have an excuse to get on YouTube and the interwebs WHILE I’M AT WORK.  Score.

Now there’s a lot of things the French don’t get right, like comedy and military conflicts, BUT they DO get a lot of stuff right like food, art, vanilla, and miming.  Sticking to the positive side of things is always the best choice and since I’m such a positive guy, I’ll concentrate on the positive things that the French bring us instead of the bad things: like how they worship Jerry Lewis as a comedic genius.  Really?  REALLY!?!!

Thanks Mr. Marceau for totally creeping me out.

Thanks Mr. Marceau for totally creeping me out.

La Cornue

La Cornue is a French Company that was founded in 1908 by Albert Dupuy.  He set out to design an oven that would roast without drying out the foods he was trying to roast.  He succeeded by creating one of the first natural convection ovens in the world.  Fast forward to 2012 and La Cornue is still run by the Dupuy family.  If you’re a fan of the blog (OF COURSE YOU ARE) you might already know that I’ve mentioned La Cornue in the past.  J Lo put a Cornue Fe in her kitchen and you can read about it here.  They have a ton of options whether it’s brass accents or color, but what I love about La Cornue is the amount of burner configurations you can equip your range (or rangetop) with.  Keep in mind that La Cornue HAND MAKES their ranges so they can be customized to virtually anything you want. Check out this quote from La Cornue’s website:

“Even if you happen to be the Queen of England, you will have to wait at least two months for your Château La Cornue. We wouldn’t know how to make it any quicker.”

That’s right, Libby.  Even you have to wait.

Let’s dive into La Cornue starting with the big daddy on the block: The Chateau.

The Chateau can be enormous like the Grand Palais 180 which is 70.9 inches wide (Wolf and Viking’s largest range is 60 inches) or a more realistic 29.5 inches like the Chateau 75.  Every size offers a bunch of various burner configurations to keep you happy, like a French top, or a reversible griddle, or their regular burners, or their power burner, or electric plates, or lava rock grill, or…you get the idea.

La Cornue Chateau Range

Love at first sight.

By the way, there are a zillion color options and a catrillion trim options.  I’m not a mathematician, but I imagine that there are literally hundreds of thousands of combinations to make your La Cornue range truly unique.  And let’s be honest, if it’s good enough for “The Most Interesting Man In The World” then it’s probably good enough for anyone:


If you only want to be “The Semi-Most Interesting Man In The World” (JUST kidding), then check out La Cornue’s Cornue Fe series. Anyway, available in 43” or 36” widths, Cornue Fes don’t have as many color and trim options; but they do provide you with a five burner cooktop with a center power burner rated 17,500 BTUs.  Plus the Cornue Fe is priced competitively with Viking and Wolf.  Check out the link below because I can’t embed the video to the blog.  Once you click the link, find the playlist menu (on the right side of the screen) and select the last track, “No Can Do”.  Not only do you get to listen to a classic Hall and Oates song, but you also get to see Daryl’s Cornue Fe installed in his studio kitchen.  Warning, this video shows a lot of dialog before the performance.  If you want to catch a glimpse of the Cornue Fe, fast forward to about minute three.  If you just want to skip to the AWESOME arrangement of “No Can Do,” go to minute minute three and forty-five seconds; however, I highly recommend watching the entire video.  It’s only ten minutes. ?

I could discuss that they offer matching cabinetry and could bore you to death with that, but I’d like to share with you my FAVORITE product that they make: The Flamberge Rotisserie.

The only cooking appliance I NEED.

The only cooking appliance I NEED.

As elegant as La Cornue is, I’m really glad that they’ve catered to a caveman like me.  Here is the perfect product that I can install in my wall and cook a variety of meats OVER AN OPEN FLAME.  I swear I would never use another appliance again.  I would rotisserieize (is that even a word??) EVERYTHING and would forgo eating anything that couldn’t be cooked in a rotisserie.  Except ice cream.  I’ll never give up ice cream.

We have an example of the Chateau AND the Cornue Fe in our showroom in case you’re interested.  Until next time, America!

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