Home Ownership Trends by Conal

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Just to let you know, my Thanksgiving feast was a huge success.  Now that I’ve roasted, deep fried, and brined turkeys throughout the years, I can safely say that brining is the way to go.  Don’t try anything else, trust me.  The turkey came out awesomely moist and flavorful!  And, according to my father, I made the best pumpkin pie he has ever had (thanks Paula Deen).  Now, onward to new topics!

Building Homes for the New Economy

New flash, the economy is not in the best shape.  I’m not telling you anything you don’t know already, but how is the economy shaping the building of new homes?  Well, smaller homes are being built.  The real estate website trulia.com is reporting that the average size of the American home being built today is 2,100 square feet.  This is down from 2,300 square feet at the pinnacle of the housing market in 2007.  As every American is feeling the crunch of the economy, we’re becoming a little more practical in what we expect from our homes.  For example, formal living rooms are being phased out and so are extra bathrooms.  We, as a country, are realizing that although we love our extra rooms, they really aren’t needed.  With more and more consumers purchasing energy star appliances and with home sizes shrinking, it’s only natural that we are becoming more energy efficient.  The Environmental Protection Agency is estimating that twenty-five percent of new homes built last year met or exceeded energy efficiency standards.  That means that these new homes are at least fifteen percent more energy efficient than a standard home — good news for the environment and your utility bills.

Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

The sky’s the limit with outdoor kitchen applications.

It’s only natural that as homes get smaller, lots sizes are shrinking too.  However the creativity of the homeowner is growing regarding how they use their space.  Americans are now adopting the idea of “staycations” and are doing more entertaining at home as opposed to venturing out to restaurants, theaters, etc.  With that in mind, the idea of an outdoor kitchen is being implemented more and more.  What’s crazy are all of the appliance options the consumer has to equip their outdoor kitchen.  Let’s think beyond the grill.  How about warming drawers, sinks, refrigerators, and beverage centers?

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Another trend we’re seeing here at Kieffer’s Appliances are homeowners who planned to move into bigger homes, but because of the economy, are deciding to stay put.  Instead of putting their money into the McMansion, they are deciding to upgrade their existing home.  Bathrooms are being redone, aforementioned outdoor kitchens are being installed, and kitchens are being re-vamped with upgraded appliances and cabinets.  According to the Viking Range Corporation, installing Viking Appliances into a kitchen can add four percent (or more) to a home’s resale value (figures gathered from over 250 real estate agents in 5 major markets).  Let’s be honest, the kitchen is the centerpiece of the home and nothing helps to add value or helps to sell a home faster than a fantastic kitchen.

That’s all for this week, appliance fans.  Hope you check in next week for another cleverly crafted blog post that Charles Dickens would have been proud to call his own!

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