Electrolux vs. Kenmore Elite Stackable Laundry (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

There is a unitized washer and dryer for a stackable application (pictured below), you have bought it years ago. Now almost every front load washer and dryer can be stacked. The unitized style is still around, but front load laundry offer bigger capacity and more energy efficiency.


unitized washer and dryer


There are only 6 manufacturers still producing full size laundry with Samsung, GE (owned by Haier), Whirlpool (and Maytag), Speed Queen and LG being the others. Kenmore and Electrolux are two of them.

yale appliance laundry display

We will look at both companies, products and then compare.


Kenmore Elite is owned by Sears and only sold through Sears and Kmart. Kenmore appliances were started with a handshake agreement between Whirlpool and Sears back in the 1920’s. Today, Sears sources Kenmore to many different companies. The washer is in fact procured from LG. 

Kenmore Elite Washer 41072 – $999  

Kenmore Elite 41072 Washer


  • 5.2 c.u. ft.
  • Steam Treat Cleaning
  • NSF-certified Sanitize Option
  • SmartMotion Auto Tumble
  • Kids Wear Wash Cycle
  • Pedestal not included

Kenmore Elite’s Smart Motion Technology blends up to 6 different wash motions using a quiet Direct Drive motor in this front-load washer for customized care for each type of fabric. Steam treatment busts through tough stains and soil without needing to be pretreated.

NSF-certified sanitizing cycle uses high water temperatures to quickly kill 99.9% of certain types of bacteria without the need for harsh bleaches or other chemicals, great for work clothes and cloth diapers.

Kenmore Elite Dryer 81072 – $999 

Kenmore Elite Dryer 81072



  • 9.0 Cu Ft
  • Steam Drying System
  • Dual Moisture Sensors
  • Extended Tumble

These units are able to stack or sit side by side.


Electrolux is a multi-national home appliance manufacturer headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. They are the world’s second-largest home appliance maker by revenue (after Whirlpool). Their products sell under a variety of brand names including its own as well as Frigidaire in the U.S.

Laundry is Electrolux’s best category in terms of features for the price.

Electrolux Washer EFLS617SIW – $899

Electrolux Washer EFLS617SIW




  • 4.4 c.u. ft.
  • Steam
  • 15 Minute Quick Wash
  • Triple pump
  • Stain Soak Programs
  • 1300 RPM spin speed
  • Reversible Washer Door

Electrolux has three pumps. The second pump adds a fresh water rinse so your clothes have less detergent residue than other brands. This is great for anyone with skin allergies.

The third pump is called SmartBoost. The washer has a separate compartment with a premixed detergent and water. The machine then pumps the detergent evenly onto the clothes rather than dumping a capful on top of the clothes.

Electrolux Dryer EFME617SIW – $899

Electrolux Dryer EFME617SIW




  • 15 Minute Fast Dry
  • Wrinkle Release Option with steam
  • Extended Tumble Option Keeps Clothes Tangle-Free
  • 8.0 c.u. ft.
  • 9 Cycles To Care For Every Fabric
  • Brilliant LED Display Shines In Even The Darkest Laundry Rooms

When purchasing the pair you have the option to stack the units or sit side by side. 


They are similar enough machines in terms of cycles and features with Kenmore being larger.

Electrolux has the fresh water rinse instead of reusing old water. More detergent residue is removed off your clothes than other brands. The third pump for detergent also assures cleaner clothes, because the detergent is mixed with water before touching your clothes.

Kenmore’s larger capacity might be the deciding factor for people with big families. The sanitizing cycle that kills 99.9% of certain kinds of bacteria, is also a key feature for someone washing cloth diapers and sporting equipment.

In terms of installation, Electrolux requires less overall depth than Kenmore.


Both Electrolux and Kenmore are reliable machines. However, they will both need some repair in their lifetime. For that, you should compare your local Sears versus your local store.