Customer Kitchens Part 1 by Conal

Hey Appliance Fans,

We work really hard with our customers over many months to help them complete their dream kitchen, but once they accept delivery, we usually don’t hear back from them.  It’s always nice when our customers send us pictures once their kitchen is complete.  This post is the first of many posts featuring our customers’ kitchens and I look forward to sharing many more with you.

If you want to submit some pictures of your awesome kitchen filled with appliances from us, you can contact me or email your salesperson.  The more pictures the better.  Don’t worry, we’ll keep you anonymous.  Also, if you want to invite me over for dinner, I won’t complain.

The BlueStar Range Kitchen

You know that I really like BlueStar ranges and they’re made locally in Reading, PA.  What I like even more is when our customers buy a BlueStar.  Check out this 36-inch, 6 burner BlueStar range in stainless steel (model: RNB366BV1).  This range is so versatile because of its high-output open burners and its large oven that can fit a commercial size baking sheet.


BlueStar Range Customer Kitchen

One of our client’s kitchens featuring a BlueStar Range, GE Cafe Refrigerator, Ventahood Pro-Style Hood, GE Microwave, and a Bosch dishwasher.

Because BlueStar ranges are so powerful, it’s important that an adequate hood is placed above it.  In this case, the client was very smart to choose a Vent-A-Hood 36-inch wide pro-style hood (model: PRH18236SS).  With 600 CFMs of ventilation power and Vent-A-Hood’s exclusive magic lung blower system, this Vent-A-Hood will keep their kitchen free of smoke and grease for years to come.

BlueStar Range Image

A closer look at the BlueStar Range, Vent-A-Hood, GE Microwave, and GE Cafe Refrigerator

Right next to the range is a GE microwave (model: JES1142SPSS).  This little guy pumps out 1,100 watts of power while taking up very little space.  At 1.1 cubic feet of capacity, it’s certainly not the largest microwave out there, but it’s the perfect size so as not to get in the way.  To the right of the microwave is a GE Café full-depth French door refrigerator (model: CFE29TSDSS).  I heart this refrigerator not only because of its pro-style look, but also because the water dispenser dispenses ice, cold water, and it gives you the option to dispense hot water with four different temperature selections.

Wrapping up this kitchen is a Bosch dishwasher (model: SHP65T55UC).  This 500 series model is a ridiculously quiet 44 decibels and features five wash cycles and five wash options plus a third rack, also known as a cutlery tray.  Notice the lack of handle on this dishwasher.  Appropriately called a flush handle, this style provides a sleek, modern look.

Bosch Dishwasher

Sorry for the darkness, but check out this Bosch Dishwasher

The Viking Rangetop Kitchen

Viking Rangetop

A Viking rangetop, model: VGRT5366BSS and an XO hood insert model: XOI33S

What’s not to love about a Viking rangetop?  If you don’t know anything about Viking, check out my post about my trip to Viking’s HQ in Greenwood, MS.  Behind the beautiful flower arrangement on the island rests a 36-inch, six burner rangetop, (model: VGRT5366BSS).  Notice the hood?  You shouldn’t because our clients choose a hood insert. In layman’s terms a hood insert contains all of the components of ventilation system but it lacks the decorative stainless steel shell.  In lieu of stainless, wood to match the cabinetry surrounds the hood and is provided by the cabinet maker.  The insert used in this kitchen is by XO (model: XOI33S).

Though this is a bad angle, pictured to the far left is a double wall oven from Dacor (model: EO2320SCH).  This electric double oven provides all the capacity you need for holidays or parties.  Just to the left of the wall ovens is a Sub-Zero 36-inch wide refrigerator with two freezers drawers below it (model: 736TCI).  It’s covered with a custom wood panel, but trust me, it’s there.

Viking Rangetop Kitchen

Dacor double wall ovens to the left

Along the same wall with the Sub-Zero refrigerator, we see a one of my favorite appliances of all-time, Miele’s in-wall coffee system (model: CVA4066).  This unit hooks directly into a water line and grinds whole beans for each cup.  It also makes killer espresso.  Hook up the milk carafe to the appliance and you’ll be making cappuccinos in no time.

Had a long day at work or have the kids been bothering you all day?  Maybe you need some wine.  Of course, I don’t need an excuse to enjoy some wine and our clients will be enjoying tons of wine with their Sub-Zero wine unit (model: 427RG).  Pictured to the right of the Miele coffee system, this wine unit holds over 50 bottles of wine and features two independent temperature zones; one for whites and one for reds.  But the 427RG isn’t just for wine.  See the two drawers below the glass door?  Those are two refrigerator drawers that are built into the unit.  Obviously the 427RG can accept a custom wood front like you see here, but it’s also available in a stainless steel finish.

Miele coffee system

I love me a Miele Coffee System.

This wraps up our first installment of customer kitchens.  If you have any questions about any of the appliances in either one of the kitchens, give us a call at 215-699-3522.  Until next time, America!