Crazy News! Insane News! by Conal

Hey Appliance Fans,

Raise your hands if you’re used to companies providing less and less and charging more and more for their products (excluding Kieffer’s of course, I go to bat for EVERY single one of my customers).  Remember when ice cream came in true half gallon sizes?  Restaurants used to pack up your leftovers for you.  Rebates were paid with checks not debit cards.  Realize that all of the sentences so far have started with the letter `R`.

My point is that we are always asked to do more with less.  From ice cream to our jobs.  Do more with less.  Every once in a while, however, a company does something so crazy that you almost have to pinch yourself to make sure that you’re awake.  Appliance fans, today is that day.  Make sure you’re sitting down for this:

Viking 3 Year Full Warranty

This could be yours, with a FULL 3 YEAR WARRANTY

Viking has EXTENDED their warranty to a full 3 years on all indoor Viking Professional Products!
(excluding under-counter refrigeration and ice makers)

Is anybody else with me on how insanely awesome this is?  When banks are failing and crying for handouts and manufacturers are sending jobs overseas, Viking thumbs their collective noses at the establishment  and does the opposite:  Still made in America (Greenwood, MS) and they stand behind their product more than any other appliance manufacturer out there.  To quote Emeril, “BAM!”

So what’s a person to do with this great news?  How about stop by our showroom and talked to one of our salespeople about filling your dream kitchen with Viking!  What a great idea!

Shameless Plug:

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