Copper cool hues: Peruse the Dulux winter 2017 colour trend

Quite the contrast to the warm colours celebrated in summer, Dulux released their 2017 winter colour trend this week and it’s full of cool, moody hues (there’s plenty of blues and greys) combined with Copper and Concrete Effect paints. “These colours are very diverse and can be used in most interior spaces. Being predominantly neutral, they are extremely accessible, from the lightest variation, Dulux Winter Terrace, a soft greige, right through to the darkest hue, Dulux Ahoy, which is an alluring deep blue,” says Dulux colour expert Andrea Lucena-Orr.

Walls in Dulux Winter Terrace. Upcycled table in Dulux Concrete Effect and Dulux Copper Effect

And there’s no need to be turned off by the darker hues, as not only do they look great when paired with lighter neutrals, but they also make great accent shades if you’re cautious about diving right in. “The dark blues in this palette such as Dulux Ahoy contrast beautifully against a concrete surface – whether this be an entire wall, a fireplace or an upcycled piece of furniture. It’s important to remember that these paint colours can be used on a lesser scale too as even the smallest changes can transform a room,” says Andrea.

Paint colours: Dulux Panda Pod, Tirau Double and Ahoy

Given the colour palette is rather understated it makes sense that Dulux thought to add copper into the mix – the contrast lends a luxe air. “Incorporating textured surfaces such as Copper Effect adds further dimension and creates focal points in a predominantly minimalist colour space. This touch of copper is ideal for highlighting architectural details and can also be applied to home accessories,” says Andrea.

Paint colours: Dulux Panda Pod, Tirau Double and Ahoy

Personally, I’m interested in the Concrete Effect paint (perfect for industrial styling) and can imagine many a DIY project with that one. For this, Dulux creative consultant and stylist Bree Leech has a handy tip. “Concrete and Copper Effect can be used on furniture details as well as walls to create unique bespoke pieces. Just make sure that if you are upcycling furniture such as a table that you add a glass top to safeguard the paint,” says Bree.

Paint colours: Dulux Reckless Grey, Tirau Double and Five Fingers Peninsula