Breaking News: Viking to Discontinue D3 (Not Really) by Conal

Hey Appliance Fans,

Breaking news from The Viking Range Corporation: D3 is dead.  I repeat, D3 is dead.

Actually, it’s not dead at all.  Viking is slightly re-working the product line and giving it a new name.  Here’s a breakdown of what to expect come the end of July 2013 and into the future:

  1. Viking D3 will now simply be called “Viking”.  All of their professional style products will now be called “Viking Professional”.
  2. The new Viking line will no longer offer the knobs that can accept a wood or colored insert.  These knobs are being replaced with a stainless steel knob.
  3. The D3 style handles that can accept wood or colored inserts has also gone the way of the Dodo and they are being replaced with the pro-style handle found on the Viking Professional Line.

That’s it.  Only some slight changes, nothing major.  Everything else stays the same in terms of the product offerings and features.  Even more important is that Viking’s full three year warranty is still in play and so is their $600 instant rebate when you purchase a full Viking kitchen.  You can also save $300 instantly if you decide to only purchase a Viking range and not the entire appliance suite.  Both promotions expire on December 31, 2013.

A quick entry, I know, but an important one nonetheless.  Until next time, America!