BlueStar Precious Metals Collection by Conal

Hey Appliance Fans,

I’m so excited about today’s post because I get to spend some time talking about one of my favorite brands: BlueStar.  I’ve mentioned BlueStar in the past (see my post on open vs. sealed burners and BlueStar Day at Kieffer’s), but I want to specifically talk about their Precious Metals Collection because it mixes classic BlueStar power with an awesome new design and some new performance features.

BlueStar 101

A standard BlueStar 36″ Range in Orange.

If you don’t know already, Kieffer’s Appliances is located in Lansdale, PA  about forty-five minutes northwest of Philadelphia.  I’m mentioning this because BlueStar is manufactured in Reading, PA which is about an hour and twenty minutes west of us.  The current trend I see with our customers  is that they want to buy American made products, but they also want to support local businesses.  When you purchase a BlueStar range from us, you’re supporting TWO local businesses.  It’s an absolute home run.

If I had to sum up BlueStar in one word, that word would be “power”.  BlueStar Ranges are powerful and offer one of the most powerful open burners on the market today rated at 22,000 BTUs.  That’s tons of power to sear a steak, keep a huge pot of pasta boiling nicely, or wok the heck out of a stir fry.  Their ovens are some of the largest on the market and can fit a commercial size baking sheet.  Not many appliance manufacturers can say that.  Style is also important to BlueStar.  That’s why in addition to stainless steel, you can get a BlueStar range (or wall oven) in 190 different colors and get a hood to match!

BlueStar’s Precious Metals Collection

If you think BlueStar didn’t “bring it” before (you’d be crazy to think that), they are certainly “bringing it” now with their Precious Metals Collection (PMC).  Regardless of if you purchase the 30” or 36” range, you’re getting two 22,000 BTU burners.  Unlike the traditional BlueStar ranges that rate their other burners at 15k, the PMC ranges have 18k on the other burners.   If you are interested in the 36” Range, then you can swap out two of the burners and put in a French top, griddle, or grill.

An Infused Copper BlueStar with 4 Burners and a French Top.

Clearly the most noticeable change to the PMC collection is the French door instead of a pull down door.  Just like their walls ovens, these doors are dependent and will open no matter which handle you use (although you’ll want to close it using the left handle).  This is ultra-convenient when you’re holding a roast pan or baking sheet in one hand and need access to the oven.  Convection?  Check.  Gas Oven?  Check.  Super Capacity?  Check.  Awesome results?  Duh, it’s a BlueStar.

If you visit BlueStar’s website and look at the PMC section, you can get some really cool exclusive colors like:

  • Infused Copper
  • Statuary Bronze
  • Ginger Spice
  • Enchanted Silver
  • Enchanted Sand
  • Matte Black

Don’t think that those are your only choices.  No, no, no.  You can still get this range in ANY of the 190 colors that BlueStar offers.  Remember that you can get matching color knobs and knob trim on the range too!  And just so you know your range was made to your specifications, BlueStar will laser etch your name onto a nameplate under the far right knob.

Since I’m a huge fan of Batman and the new movie just came out, I’d probably get the matte black range (to match the Batmobile).  Though I tried to talk our fearless leader (Mr. Kieffer) into displaying a matte black BlueStar on our floor, he decided to ignore me (as per usual) and order an Infused Copper range with a griddle.  It’s gorgeous and now on display in our showroom!

I think Batman will need a bigger utility belt.

Our newest BlueStar on our Floor!

As always, don’t forget to visit the Kieffer’s website for all of your appliance needs in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC!