BlueStar 30 Inch Platinum Gas Professional Ranges (Reviews / Ratings / Prices)

BlueStar is a very different range than any other product currently on the market and we are sure that in a world of highly technical dual fuel, all stainless ranges, BlueStar is a more powerful, customizable gas-only range.

30 inch professional range display yale appliance

It is a very different solidly made range only for a certain type of chef. We will look at the company as well as the features of their Platinum range along with some comparisons to other ranges. You can decide if BlueStar is right for you and your family.

BlueStar Pro Platinum Charbroiler

Let’s look at the company.


BlueStar is a family owned company started in Reading, PA in 1880 and they manufactured commercial and coal powered ranges, but are relatively new to the professional range category since 2002.

They have 4 different series of both sealed and open burner configuration ranges. The Platinum is their best and most powerful range. Let’s look at their features.

Cooktop Surface

The surface is the most powerful in the industry with 25,000, 22,000, 15,000 and 8,500 BTU burners. Thermador, by contrast, has four 18,000 BTU burners, so the difference is substantial.

bluestar range open burner

It should be noted that the burner is open, so spills can seep down to the bottom of the cooktop. The upside is the unit breaks apart so it can be cleaned at the sink easily.

In terms of simmer, BlueStar measures in degrees whereas the rest of the industry measures in BTU. With such a powerful burner, it probably cannot simmer as well as some as the others like Wolf or Thermador. We have to test it in the store.

Grill / Griddle

Platinum Charbroiler.jpg

BlueStar has an attachable grill/griddle over two of the burners for 40,000 BTU. It is not thermostatically controlled like the 36-inch units, but it is better than the portable units. Griddles can cook almost anything.


Most upscale professional ranges are dual fuel, meaning the top is gas, but the oven is European electric convection. BlueStar is exclusively European gas convection. Let me explain this a bit.

European convection is a separate element blown in from the rear to keep a more even temperature. Regular convection has the element below and the fan assists by spreading the heat.
BlueStar 30 inch pro range

Electric convection is a drier but more precise heat, so it is better for baking cookies (which we do all the time). Gas is a moister heat, so it is better for roasts and meats.


Bluestar Infrared Broiler

BlueStar has an 1,850 BTU infrared broiler. Along with Viking, this is the best broiler you can buy. It is hotter and spreads the heat far better than any other unit.


BlueStar can customize almost anything. You have a choice of 750 colors along with 10 trim options, so your range can look different than your neighbor’s standard stainless steel version. You can also customize the burners so that 8,000 options can become another 18,000.

Bluestar Pro Range Custom Colors

Platinum Full Kitchen Lifestyle

Now the Downside

Professional ranges have become more technologically oriented, especially Jenn-Air, Wolf, and Miele.

Jenn-Air has the LCD screen with auto convection conversion, so your recipes are converted to convection with a touch of a button. Miele can cook anything with a touch of a button. Just enter the food type, weight, and press a button.

BlueStar has no technology. In fact, it does not even have a clock, so BlueStar may not be the range for the technologically-forward or savvy.

Should You Buy This Range?

It depends.

The customization is unique in a world of stainless with black knobs. The top is way hotter, so you will cook faster. Look at the burners, because they are not sealed. The oven can cook most anything, but gas convection is better for roasts, less so for cookies.

BlueStar should be considered as a choice without question and a serious consideration depending on how you cook.


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