Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans Buying Guide

Our lifestyle has expanded to include the outdoors,  then outdoor fans have become popular. We will look at how paddle fans work and what constitutes an outdoor versus indoor fan. Here I will show you a few fans to consider.

outdoor living room ceiling fan.

How Does a Fan Work?

Fans do not lower the actual temperature but the perceived temperature. The weather may be 31 degrees in winter, but the wind will make it seem much colder. Fans work the same way as the breeze from the fan will lower your perception of temperature.

In the winter, you should reverse the fan so the rising heat will be redistributed back towards the floor.

How is a Fan Rated for Outdoors?

An outdoor fan is different from other fans because the motor is sealed from the elements. A regular fan will rust and corrode if left outside. Also, the blades are weather proof ABS plastic, so they will not rot like wood.

Critter Control

Outdoor paddle fans not only help keep you cool in the summer but they also keep insects away from the table while you’re eating. The strong breeze is a deterrent for flies that hover around your food. To me that feature alone is worth putting one over every outdoor table!

Best Outdoor Paddle Fans to Consider

Minka Aire Shangri-La Fan – $430

Minka Aire Shangri-La Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire Shangri-La Ceiling Fan

There is nothing more welcoming than a southern charm paddle fan at the entrance of a home.

Fans don’t all have to remind us of island living but can be quite modern and add the right touch to any outdoor living space. They come in many styles, finishes and sizes.

Monte Carlo Dylan – $450

Monte Carlo Dylan Contemporary Outdoor Living Room Fan

Monte Carlo Dylan Contemporary Ceiling Fan

A rustic or charming cottage style is very popular when designing outdoor living in New England.

Monte Carlo Tillbury – $329

Monte Carlo Tilbury Contemporary Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo Tilbury Contemporary Ceiling Fan

Comes in 2 finishes and has an optional light.

Savoy House Portico Fan – $330

Savoy House Portico Contemporary Ceiling Fan

Savoy House Portico Contemporary Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire Gauguin – $470

Minka Aire Gauguin Contemporary Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire Gauguin Contemporary Ceiling Fan

Savoy House Trudy – $358

Savoy House Trudy Contemporary Ceiling Fan

Savoy House Trudy Contemporary Ceiling Fan

This will add a little more sophistication to your porch. A paddle fan should complement the style of your space as much as the furniture.

Minka Aire Rainman – $470

Minka Aire Rainman Contemporary Ceiling FanMinka Aire Rainman Contemporary Ceiling Fan

Features a “trash can” aluminum finish.

Minka Aire Gyro Wet – $860

Minka Aire Gyro Wet Contemporary Ceiling Fan

With its industrial spirit, this fan provides maximum air movement and directional flexibility.

Final Thoughts

You can buy almost every style for the outside from retro to contemporary. Just remember only a fan designed for the outside can be placed there. The rest is up to you.