What are the Best 18-inch Dishwashers? (Reviews/Ratings/Prices)

The 18-inch dishwasher is popular by the small  apartment as they have small spaces.  With an 18-inch dishwashenr, you also do not lose much room in the dishwasher between 18 and 24-inch dishwasher.

Inside an 18 ish dw-1.png

Inside of an 18-inch dishwasher


When I started in this industry, 18-inch dishwashers were manufactured by one company, D&M Industries. Frigidaire and others labeled this dishwasher.

Then two significant events occurred; D&M went out of business and the European manufacturers started importing into the U.S. The Europeans use 18-inch dishwashers almost exclusively since their kitchens are generally smaller.

Although many brands like Whirlpool, KitchenAid and Electrolux do not offer a 18 inch dishwasher, there is more choice than ever. Let’s look at the five best.

Best 18-Inch Dishwashers

Frigidaire FFBD1821MS – $609.99 

18-inch Dishwashers

How does Frigidaire manufacture a better 18-inch dishwasher than the more popular 24-inch size? This dishwasher has a stainless steel tank, every feature from pots and pans to normal and china crystal, at a decent price. However, at 55 DBs it is not too quiet. The Frigidaire is still perhaps the best value of the five.

Blomberg DWS55100SS $749

18-inch Dishwashers

If you like integrated controls, Blomberg has their 18″ model which has fingerprint resistant stainless steel and at 48 DBs, its not too loud. It also has additional fold down shelving on the top rack. Blomberg is a niche brand. Their dishwasher, however, is not widely sold. We do not sell it at Yale.

Bosch SPX68U55UC $899.99

18-inch Dishwashers

Bosch was the first dishwasher to focus on quietness at 44 DBs as well as function. It is also a decent price with every major cycle. It features a 3rd rack used for cooking utensils and extra long silverware adds up to 30% more capacity.

Miele G4760SCVI $1,399 (+$295 for stainless panel)

18-inch Dishwashers

The best dishwasher sold anywhere is a Miele. The only part not manufactured directly by Miele are the rollers under the racks, so the service rate on a Miele is less than any other dishwasher listed.

Miele also has a unique and the only real drying system. The dishwasher lets air into the exterior of the side wall. The steam becomes attracted to the side and dissipates.

At $1,399, the price is higher than every other dishwasher.

GE Monogram ZBD1870NSS – $1,099 

18-inch Dishwashers

We do not sell GE Monogram anymore, and this is arguably the best piece in the Monogram line with good features and a stainless steel tank. But at 60 DBs, you will definitely hear it.

18″ Dishwasher Features and Brands