Appliance Ventilation: Be Aware of Make Up Air by Conal

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For the first time in the history of the Kieffer’s Blog, we have a guest writer: a REAL Kieffer.  Jace Kieffer wrote this article for the local Home Builders Association’s monthly newsletter.  If you’re not a Pennsylvania resident, check with your state and local government for the code in your area.  Enjoy!

The Pennsylvania Building Code:

An example of a make up air system.

Pennsylvania Building code now requires that any exhaust hood (for a venting cooking product) capable of exhausting in excess of 400 CFM shall require a makeup air system equal to the exhaust rate.  Many townships are beginning to enforce this requirement during home inspections.  Many builders are unaware of this requirement and have had to address this make up air system AFTER construction of the kitchen.  This leads to costly retrofitting in order to meet code, its advantageous to be proactive and plan for these systems before construction.

Why Make up Air:

The “leaky home’ is a thing of the past; new homes are consistently being built more air tight to make them more energy efficient.  An air tight home requires mechanical exhaust (the hood), as well as a means to let “compensation air” into the home to replace exhausted air to ensure proper ventilation.


Broan Make up Air Damper: Broan has a 6” and 8” round damper system that wires directly (or wirelessly) to the hood.  When the user switches the hood on, it will send a signal to the make up air damper to open simultaneously, allowing for replacement air to come back into the house.  This system can be used for hoods up to 1500 CFM in power; addressing the majority of range hoods on the market.  The cost of this system ranges from between $125- $300.

Any questions regarding make up air, please feel free to contact Jace Kieffer at Kieffer’s Appliances via phone 215-699-3522 or email: [email protected]

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