The 5 Best Counter Depth Refrigerators

A counter depth refrigerator is more aesthetically pleasing because you won’t see the sides which also a benefit to have a shallower refrigerator in a galley kitchen or with an island design. There will be more room between the refrigerator and the island itself. Simply, counter depths look better. We will look at the different types and then the 5 best to consider.

Regular vs. Pro vs. Integrated Shallow Depth Refrigerators

We  focus on the non-professional shallow depth products in this article. Professional refrigerators are taller at 84″, have the compressors on the top and have the “restaurant” or commercial look and price.

Integrated refrigerators fit totally inside the standard cabinet. They are seamless and indistinguishable from the cabinet itself. Only the doors protrude on the pro and regular counter depth.

Have a look at a professional and integrated refrigerator…

counter depth professional refrigerator display 2013 counter depth integrated refrigerator display
Professional counter depth refrigerator at Yale Integrated counter depth refrigerator at Yale

Regular Counter Depth vs. Counter Depth 

Regular counter depths are basically shallower refrigerators. Have a look at some installations.

regular counter depth display front  regular counter depth display side
regular counter depth refrigerator from the front regular counter depth refrigerator from the side


Frigidaire FGHC2331PF – $1,049 after rebates 

frigidaire side by side counter depth refrigerator FGHC2331PF

Frigidaire suffers from an identity crisis, but is actually one of the most reliable brands sold at Yale. I really like this refrigerator especially with the rebates.

This side by side is 23 cubic foot with an ice and water dispenser and the stainless is fingerprint proof. You could package this with other stainless appliances for less than $2,999.

Samsung RF18HFENBSR – $1,199

Samsung RF18HFENBSR 33 inch French door refrigerator

You buy a refrigerator based on the cabinet openings. 80% of the refrigerator openings are 30 or 33 inch, yet 90% of the counter depth products are 36 inch width. I like the Samsung, because it is the best counter depth french door refrigerator at 33 inches wide.

Frigidaire FDBG2250SS – $1,599 after rebates

Frigidaire FDBG2250SS 5 best counter depth refrigeratorsThis is the Gallery edition and is a limited time model. It is fully featured with an internal icemaker. It is also full size at 36″ wide.

KitchenAid KRFC300ESS – $1,749 after rebates

kitchenaid counter depth refrigerator KRFC300ESS

This KitchenAid is counter depth and won’t protrude past your cabinets. Includes ice maker, glide crispers and interior water dispenser.

Samsung RF23HCEDBSR – $2,049 after rebates

Samsung RF23HCEDBSR best counter depth refrigerators

Samsung has a modern look with surprising good reliability. However, they are frequently unavailable and with few package options for whole kitchens.

Jenn-Air JFC2089BEM – $2,299 

jennair JFC2089WEM

Jenn-Air was the first upscale counter depth French door on the market about 10 years ago. It is still a decent refrigerator with an interior icemaker. This refrigerator is also part of our best selling package. This model now has LED lights and concealed hinges.

Jenn-Air JFC2290VEM – $2,899 

jenn-air jfc2290vem refrigerator

It is very similar to the preceding model just taller with three cubic feet more capacity.


One (very) small word of caution: You do sacrifice between 3-5 cubic footage and pay $200-$500 more for a counter depth refrigerator.

However, counter depth refrigerators are perhaps one of the best products to affordably design into a high-end kitchen.